CMHS Site Council Meeting

Dec. 3, 2013

In Attendance:

Carla DeShaw: Principal

Georgann Squre: Teacher

Jim Willis: Staff

Kristen Matthews: Parent

Darin Houle: Student

Discussion Notes (typed by Kristen Matthews)

Topic #1: Review and approve Minutes from November

- Minutes were approved with one minor change under Topic #4

-Head secretary, administration, and Site Council will look at tracking student attendance with graduation rates.

Topic #2: Diabetes Training follow up

- As per Georgann Squire and Kristen Matthews, initial training was completed in November,

with head secretary Cathy Glazier in attendance.

- Carla DeShaw would like to dedicate a staff meeting to continuing the training for additional

members of faculty and staff; to be accomplished at the last staff meeting before winter break.

Topic #3: Mission Statement examples and discussion

- Sample Mission Statements from various schools and organizations were reviewed.

- The council held a brainstorming session to generate a list of key words/thoughts which will act

as a framework for the final statement

-Curriculum: stimulating, rigorous, challenging, dynamic, strong, multi-levelled

-Social Interactions: respectful, responsible, happy, engaged, inclusive, developing

leadership skills, creating lifelong learners

- Extra-Curricular Activities: opportunity, experience, health, addressing the whole

person, community building

- Community: involved, focal point, support to help students meet and exceed goals,

-Citizenship: creating an informed citizenry, strengthening the democratic process,

being accepting of differences, caring, creative

-The council also generated a list of sample (skeleton) Mission Statements to begin the process

of opening a dialogue to determine the final draft.

- Darin Houle would like students to have the opportunity to tweak the statement; council

agrees this would give the student body ‘ownership’ and increased investment in the final


- Four intial statement drafts were created. This list will be pared down to three which

will be submitted for consideration to the ASB, Boosters, and staff, along with some

instructions on how to evaluate Mission Statements. Drafts will be rated on a 1-5 scale.

- Mission Statement drafts:

- CMHS provides students with a relevant and rigorous curriculum and extra-

curricular activities that foster respect, team building, and responsibility. We

partner with the community to create responsible and contributing citizens. (CD)

- Achieving greatness, working past expectations, outdoing self is CMHS’s goal

and purpose for being. (DH)

- At Crow Middle High School our vision is to educate the whole student through

rigorous academics and extra-curricular activities. To foster responsibility with respect

for self and all others and create leaders who become valuable and productive citizens.


- Bringing the community together to foster academic excellence, an inclusive social

atmosphere, and a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities to prepare our students

for a lifetime as responsible contributing citizens. (KM)

Agenda for next meeting:

1. Mission Statement drafts will be reviewed and the list will be pared down to three.
2. Review potential “Mission Statements” submitted by faculty and staff.
3. Review/discuss head secretary Cathy Glazier’s report on 9th grade absenteeism.