CMHS Site Council Meeting

Feb. 24, 2014

In Attendance:

Carla DeShaw: Principal

Jim Willis: Staff

Kristen Matthews: Parent

Eli Matthews: Student

Discussion Notes (typed by Kristen Matthews)

Topic #1: Results of Community Voting on Mission Statement

- 10 total votes were received

- 7 yes

- 1 neutral

- 2 no (with suggestions and critique)

- Incorporating the suggestions/criticism, council members revised the statement:

Crow Middle/High School strives to educate the whole student through rigorous academics

and extra-curricular activities. We work together as a community to develop lifelong learners

and cultivate responsible, contributing citizens in a complex world. (revisions in bold)

Topic #2: Senior Class Motto

- The idea of a motto for seniors (first raised based on Daren Houle’s sample mission statement)

continues to be considered, possibly for use on graduation announcements and to be painted

on the senior wall with the class mural.

- Carla DeShaw will talk to the junior class advisors regarding next year’s motto, to be addressed

during focus period.

Topic #3: PSAs (Public Service Announcements)

- Per Carla DeShaw, the winter PSA (substance abuse prevention panel from UO), took place on

Feb. 20, and went well.

- Ran out of time for student art contest. Contest will be revisited in fall.

- Spring PSA is TBD.

Topic #4: Solar Project

- Per Jim Willis, the solar project is officially online!

- All inspections have been completed.

- Information will be included in the Buzz and at staff meeting.

- Jim will follow up with Cathy regarding certificates of thanks to be sent to

installers and BPA members.

Next meeting will be Tuesday, March 18 at 3:25