CMHS Site Council Meeting


March 8, 2013


In attendance: 


Lynsey Wickwire: Parent

Ron Osibov: Principal

Jim Willits: Parent, coach, staff

Lisa Livelybrooks: Teacher

Mary Houle: Staff, advisor

Krin Hunt: Teacher

Hallie Roberts: Teacher

Kristi Yeates, Parent  (not in attendance)


Discussion Notes:  (typed by Hallie Roberts)


Topic #1: Nominations for community recognition


Topic #2: Wrestling is considering building a facility


Topic #3:  Career/ Tech Class/ Social Media


ODE requires social media safety and awareness training.  Kau and Roberts are on board to include this training for the middle schoolers in their classes, specifically social studies.


ASPIRE volunteer Steve Grube is willing to help our middle schoolers with some ASPIRE activities, along with Osibov and Ricky, another ASPIRE volunteer.  These meetings are tentatively scheduled for Fridays in Ms. Roberts social studies class.


Topic #4:  COWS not connecting to CALNET


Students have effectively been trained on how to shut down properly. 


New issue:  Laptops have not been connecting to CALNET.  We donÕt have enough IP addresses to accommodate all of the personal electric devices plus our school computers.

Teachers have asked to lock out non-school devices from our network.

Friday the tech guys will be coming around to ask teachers to connect personal devices to the network. 


Topic #5:  Math


Ms. Roberts has been teaching a new Accelerated Math course for middle schoolers.  She reports it appears to be a success thus far.


We should utilize Accelerated Math to help our high schoolers prep for OAKS, epecially students who are not passing Accelerated Math. 


BradshawÕs OAK prep class should be required for juniors who have not passed an OAKS test. 


Zola Miller is interested in teaching calculus here.  She works at LCC and is retired so she wonÕt need PERS. 

Are there other options for students who need calculus?  LCC, Veneta, etc.

We should be communicating clearly in advance with parents (Freshman year) if we arenÕt going to offer calculus so that they can find an alternative. 


Topic #6: Facilities


We may have a grant for new solar panels coming thanks to Lisa Livelybrooks. Information on watts will be provided and students will be able to see it.  The school will be paid for whatever we produce.  The project is through Bonnieville. Lane Electric is trying to make this project work. 


We were chosen as a Green School because Casey and Lisa Livelybrooks applied.  This is due to our recycling.  We got a $500 grant through this.


Also, Krin, Michele, and Lisa are doing STEM projects.  They look at energy use and safety.  They are going to install a seismometer.  There is also radon testing happening.  This summer they will be designing some curriculum that links science and math.  They have about one meeting a month.  Ron is on the advisory board for this.  The Lions Club is willing to give some funding to this effort.


Jim has been researching various grants for facilities. 


The student body recently completed the post and cable project.  The student body fees go into an ASB account.  They are very frugal.  They pay for homecoming (about $500.) 

They want to buy new whiteboards and they want a new Cougar mascot costume.  (MaryÕs tip:  DonÕt look up cougar costume on the internet!)  Kids want real whiteboards, no shower board! Mike researched how much this will cost.  It should cost about $6000.  This project will be completed during the summer.


Would JerryÕs give us a matching grant for paint? 

Could we have a PapaÕs Pizza night for paint funding?

We need to get this building painted soon.

Rexius continues to help with a matching grant for bark mulch. 


Agenda for next meeting:


  1. Mission statement
  2. OAKS prep