Crow-Applegate-Lorane School District
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2011-2 CAL Vision


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Public Forum

One-Page Flier

Two-sided flier describing the purpose, guiding principles, and process used by the CAL Visioning committee to develop the two future scenarios.  Invitation for public participation. (2 pages)√



Download the public survey to express your opinions to help direct the school board.  Due by May 1.  Or go to this link to complete on-line: (


Consequences Worksheet

A list of consequences for a 2-site and 3-site district, gathered by the Visioning committee with space to add your own thoughts/ideas.

(1 page)√

Rural Remote/

Small School Funding

2012 Law revising Rural Remote Funding, Annotated

New 2011 funding law, annotated with spreadsheets showing how Crow High School small school funding, and both elementary schools' rural remote funding works.

(5 pages)√


Calculation Spreadsheet

Excel spreadsheet of funding calculations for CHS, K-6, K-3

(2 pages)√



Table with dollar figures shows how total rural remote funding rises and falls with different student enrollment distributions at each school, based on two K-6 schools or a K-6 elementary at Applegate and a K-3 elementary at Lorane. (1 page)√



Narrative explanation of various school configuration scenarios

(2 pages)√

Renovation Needs Documents

ADA (Americans with Disability Act) law annotated

Current ADA laws for schools highlighted

2010 ADA code for existing buildings

(4 pages)√

2010 ADA code, Chapter 11 (29 pages)√


2010 Lane Electric Coop audit for Lorane

Recommendations for changes/ upgrades to LEC following 2010 audit.

(2 pages)√


Giesen report on Lorane

2010 report following brief inspection of LES by Tom Giesen.

(4 pages)√


CPR report on all buildings

2008 report on all buildings with recommended improvements, rough cost estimates. (18 pages)√


Cool Schools report on Applegate and Crow Middle/High

Detailed analysis of energy conservation/ weatherization opportunities with loan possibilities

(129 pages)√


Earthquake risk assessment Crow Middle/High School

2006 summary of rapid visual evaluation of CM/HS site for risk of risk of collapse from major earthquake= high, >10%

(4 pages)√

Lorane Community

Statistical Snapshot

Based on data from the Rural Explorer website by OSU, summarizes population, education, employment trends in Lorane.  (1 page)√


Most Endangered Place Nomination

Nomination to Oregon Historic Preservation League of Lorane Elementary School as a Most Endangered Place of 2012.  (If chosen for the 2012 list, would enable study and research assistance and potential grants)

(32 pages)√

Renovation Funding Sources

CAL Bond Measure Table

Table to help estimate the tax levy for a $5 million bond measure  (1 page)√


Cool Schools Loans

Describes process for applying for loans of 2.5-3.5% interest on 100% of immediate weatherization/energy conservation projects outlined in Cool Schools audits.  (8 pages)√




Database of Oregon Energy Incentives :



Ford Family Foundation

Responsive Capital Grant- Construction or equipment small grant (<$10,000)

Responsive Critical Needs Grant- Construction, equipment or programmatic  funding (<10,000)

Public Convening Spaces Grant (up to $250,000 and 1/3 of cost of project) for jointly used public spaces (7 pages)√


Lane Electric Cooperative Commercial Weatherization Grant Program

50% of cost of caulking, weather-stripping, duct/air sealing, building insulation, windows, doors up to $2500/ building site/year. (9 pages)√



Meyer Memorial Trust

Responsive Grants: $50-$200,000 partial funding for multi-school project in conservation, community development, education. (5 pages)√


Most Endangered Place

Not a money grant but if chosen as a 2012 Most Endangered Place, Oregon Historic Preservation League can spend staff time researching solutions and grant funds. (32 pages) √



Renewable Energy Grants up to 35% of project, not to exceed $250,000 (11 pages)√


Seismic Retrofit Grants 2013

Gives background of seismic retrofit legislation, and describes steps to take for 2013 funding. (3 pages)√




50-100% cost of demonstration 1.1(+) kW systems on schools:

(applied 3/30/2012)

Educational  Impacts

LES Scenarios

Details possible staffing scenarios at Lorane and Applegate and classroom numbers and repercussions on blended vs single grade classrooms and small school correction funding. (2 pages) √


Multi-Grade Classroom Research

Combined Grade Research-- Ontario research on combined grade classrooms and how to achieve the most. (4 pages)

Estacada Blended Classrooms—Reasoning behind configuration choices in Estacada School District  (13 pages)

Learning & Teaching in the Multilevel Classroom (9 pages)

ERIC digest report: Teaching & Learning in the Multigrade classroom (5 pages)



What Does a School Mean?



Cost Effectiveness of Small Schools



Small School Correction Narrative


Student Numbers 2004-23



Square Footage of CAL Schools



David Babcock on Multi-Aged Classrooms


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