School District #66

85955 Territorial Road

Eugene, Oregon 97402

541/935-2100 Fax 541/935-6107


School Board Meeting                                                   July 31, 2006

Crow High School                                                             7:00 PM

English Room




6:30 PM                Executive Session (Non Public Session) Session under the authority of ORS 192-660 (1) Personnel


7:00 PM                1.0     Preliminary Business-Public Session


1.1             Call to Order-Flag Salute

1.2             Review and Acceptance of Agenda

1.3             Approval of Minutes Regular Board Meeting June 12, 2006


Moved by ____, seconded by ____, and carried ____ to accept the June 12, 2006 Regular Board Meeting Minutes as presented to the board.


1.4             Next Board Meeting August 14, 2006, Crow High School, 7:00 PM.


1.5            Introduction and Comments of Guests and Representatives.


a.                  Applegate Teacher- Lindsey Crider

b.                 Track Grant

c.                  Sportsman Ship Policy-Jason Gard


1.6            Board Report


a.                  Board Chair – Jeff Ramp, Goals


1.7            Staff Reports



1.8             Student Report


2.0            Review and Correspondence to Board




3.0            Consent Agenda


The following procedures for the consent agenda are established by Policy.  The Superintendent recommends adoption by a single consent motion the following listed items which are identified on the agenda by a double **.  Any of these items may be removed from the consent agenda by the director notifying the Superintendent at least 24 hours prior to the meeting that the director will request that the item be considered separately and as regularly listed on the agenda.  Items that remain on the consent agenda will be acted upon following the “Preliminary Business.”


The affected individual, organizations or institutions shall be notified that the item has been removed from the consent agenda and informed of the approximate time for consideration.  Persons who request an opportunity to address the board prior to action shall be granted 15 minutes for such presentations.  If a director request the removal of an item at the meeting without prior notification, that item will be considered at the next regular board meeting.





4.0            Financial


a.                  General Fund Financial Summary

b.                 Check Register Payment of Claims against the district, July 2006

c.                  Student Body Accounts


Moved by ____, seconded by ____, and carried ____ to accept the reporting of agenda items 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3, and further approves the payment of claims against the district listed in agenda items 4.2.


5.0            Curriculum






6.0            Transportation, Buildings and Maintenance


a.                  Bleachers Installed

b.                 Building Repairs Completed


7.0            Policies


a.                  Organization Matters


Moved by ____, seconded by ____, and carried ____, to accept the following Organizational Matters


a.       The Regular Board meetings be convened by 7:00PM on the second Monday of each month.  The meetings shall be at the high school except for the September, December, March and June meetings, which will be held at Lorane Elementary.

b.       Lee Ann Hartwig and Mike Proffitt be responsible for the Asbestos Management.

c.       Dave Standridge be Business Manager and Deputy Clerk.

d.       Lee Ann Hartwig be Administrative Assistant to the Board and Superintendent.

e.       Joe Richards, of Luvaas, Cobb, Richards and Fraser, P.C. shall be contract4ed as legal counsel.

f.        Superintendent, Dr. Eileen Palmer, High School Principal, Ron Osibov, Elementary Principal, Kathi Holvey, Administrative Assistant, Lee Ann Hartwig, Maintenance Supervisor, Mike Proffitt, and Technology Director, Ken Hamilton be designated as supervisory, confidential and/or administrative employees be excluded from the bargaining units.

g.       Superintendent, Dr. Eileen Palmer and Dave Standridge be authorized signatures on all district accounts.  If one of these persons is not available the Board Chair, is authorized as the second signer.

h.       Superintendent, Dr. Eileen Palmer be authorized to apply for federal, state, regional and private grants that may benefit the school district to include the obtaining state and federal surplus properties.

i.         Key Bank of Oregon, US Bank, Siuslaw Valley Bank and the Local Government Investment Pool be depositories for the school funds.

j.        West Lane News be the newspaper of record.

k.       Dave Standridge be authorized to make interfund loans from the General Fund to special funds as needed, to be repaid by the end of the subsequent fiscal year, June 30, 2007.

l.         Marsh  Company be the Insurance agent of Record.





8.0            Personnel


a.                  Elementary Teacher

b.                 Head Football Coach

c.                  Assistant Football Coach

d.                 Volleyball Coach

e.                  Rally Advisor

f.                   Instructional Aides


Moved by ____, seconded by ____, and carried ____, to accept the hiring of the following employees for the 2006/2007 school year.


a.                  Probationary Teacher- Lindsey Crider

b.                 Head Football Coach – Tracy Bouchet $3,000

c.                  Asst. Football Coaches- Tim Pinson, Joe Powell $500.00 each

d.                 Volleyball Coach-



9.0     Items for next Agenda





10.     Upcoming Events





11.0   Meeting Adjourned