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Board Meeting                                                                 January 12, 2009

Applegate Elementary                                                          7:00 PM






6:30 PM          Executive Session (Non Public Session)  Session under the authority of ORS 192-660 (1) Personnel (2) Negotiations (3) Legal Counsel


7:00 PM          Board Meeting


                   I         Call to Order/Flag Salute


                   II        Agenda Review


                   III       Public Comment on Non Agenda Items


                   IV       Superintendent/Board Chair/Student Representative


                   V        Action Items


a.                  Consent Agenda

b.                  Approval of December 2009 Check Register

c.                  Memorandum of Agreement- Certified Union

d.                  Paper of Record-Register Guard

e.                  College Course’s Policy

f.                   Contract with ESD/CAL –Local Service Plan


The Superintendent recommends approval of the consent agenda items as presented to the board.


VI       Discussion Items:


a.                  OAR’S

§         Special Education

§         Human Sexuality Education

§         Long Term Care and Treatment Programs

§         Administration of Prescription and Nonprescription Medication to Students

§         Assessment of Essential Skills

§         Diploma Requirements

§         Extended Diploma

§         Modified Diploma

§         Alternative Certificate

§         Literacy Instruction

§         Student Accounting Records and State Reporting

§         Criminal Background Checks for Public Schools

§         Charters Schools generally (Temporary Rule)

§         Virtual Charter Schools (Temporary Rule)


b.                  College Course’s


VII      Information Items


          a. Pace Update



Items for Next Agenda








                   Meeting Adjourned