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SCHOOL BOARD MEETING                                                           NOVEMBER 10, 2008

Applegate Elementary                                                                 7:00 PM







7:00 PM           Regular Board Session begins


                        I           Call to Order


                        II          Agenda Review


                        III         Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items


                        IV         Superintendent’s/Board Chair/High School Representative Reports


                        V          Action Items


A.                  Consent Agenda


1.       Approval Board Minutes October 13, 2008 Regular Meeting

2.       Approval Certified Contract 2008-2011




B.                   Superintendent Search Calendar Update-Enclosed for your review




VI         Discussion Items


A.                  Open Campus for high school seniors-High School Students

B.                   Facilities/Grounds Committee Report-Jeff Ramp

C.                  Review results of Local Option Election

D.                  School Board Seat May Election


Position #3        Dr. Dean Livelybrooks

Position #4        Jeff Ramp

Position #5        Andy Stahl

(Filing Date – February 9, March 19-2009)


E.                   Budget Calendar Proposal-Enclosed for your review

F.                   Early Prediction of Revenue


VII        Information Items





            Items for Next Agenda