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Special Board Meeting Minutes                                           April 23, 2007

Applegate Elementary                                                               6:45 PM



Board Chair___________________________Superintendent:____________________




6:45 PM          Meeting called to order by Board Chair Jeff Ramp, Present were directors Mike Wiederhold, Paul Atkinson, Dean Livelybrooks, and Andy Stahl

                        Staff present: Superintendent, Dr. Eileen Palmer, Administrative Assistant, Lee Ann Hartwig, Principals, Ron Osibov, and Kathi Holvey

                        Patrons:  Don Gleason, Steve Wickwire, Winchell Jonas, Doug Perry.

                        Business Mgr. Dave Standridge, Staff, Shari McCall, Robin Chinburg, Krin Hunt, Josephina Zile.


1.0              Call to Order Flag Salute


2.0              Review and Correspondence to Board


a.                   District Calendar 2007/2008


Moved by Paul Atkinson, seconded by Mike Wiederhold and carried 5-0 to accept the 2007/2008 calendar with the following 3 additional half days for Professional Development, September 26, 2007, January 30, 2008 and May 14, 2008.  Any other half days developed during the school year will not create early departure for students.


Meeting adjourned at 6.58 PM