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School Board Meeting                                                      September 11, 2006

Lorane Elementary                                                                     7:00 PM



Board Chair:______________________________Superintendent:______________­­­_________



6:30 PM            Executive Session (Non Public Session) Session under the authority of ORS 192-660 (1) Personnel


7:00 PM            Meeting called to Order


                        Board Chair, Jeff Ramp called the meeting to order at 7:04 PM  Present were director, Dean Livelybrooks, Andy Stahl Wellborn, Paul Atkinson, and Mike Wiederhold.  Staff Present: Superintendent, Dr. Eileen Palmer, Administrative Assistant, Lee Ann Hartwig, Principal’s Ron Osibov, and Kathi Holvey, Athletic Coordinator, Jason Gard.  Patrons Present: Ryan and Mariah Sisson, Denise Goodheart, Vicky Simons, Heidi O’hearn, Bob Drullinger, and Kristy Mattenley.

                        West Lane News Reporter


1.1               Call to Order-Flag Salute

1.2               Review and acceptance of Agenda

1.3               Approval of Minutes Regular Board Meeting


Moved by Andy Stahl Wellborn, seconded by Mike Wiederhold and carried 5-0 to accept the August 14, 2006 Regular Board Meeting as presented to the board.


Moved by Andy Stahl Wellborn, seconded by Mike Wiederhold and carried 5-0, to accept the Special Board Meeting minutes held August 28, 2006 as corrected.


1.4               Introduction and Comments of Guests and Representatives




1.5               Board Report


a.                   District Goals (see submitted document)


Moved by Dean Livelybrooks, seconded by Andy Stahl Wellborn and carried 5-0 to accept the 2006/2007 goals as submitted.


Goal Chairs were selected as follows:


·         Goal #1 Paul Atkinson

·         Goal #2 Andy Stahl Wellborn

·         Goal #3 Mike Wiederhold

·         Goal #4 Dean Livelybrooks

·         Goal #5 Eileen Palmer

·         Goal # 6 Jeff Ramp


b.                   Post Graduate Report (see submitted report)


1.6               Staff Reports


a.                   Superintendent, Dr. Eileen Palmer (see submitted report)

b.                   Principal, Ron Osibov (see submitted report)

c.                   Principal, Kathi Holvey (see submitted report)

d.                   Athletic Coordinator, Jason Gard (see submitted report)


Discussion was held regarding a co-op with Triangle Lake for the Baseball Program. 


Moved by Dean Livelybrooks, seconded by Andy Stahl Wellborn and carried 5-0 to accept a co-op between Triangle Lake High School and Crow High School for Baseball for the school year 2006/2007.


1.7               Student Report


a.                   None at this time


2.0               Review and Correspondence to the Board




3.0               Consent Agenda


The following procedures for the consent agenda are established by Policy.  The Superintendent recommends adoption by a single consent motion the following listed items which are identified on the agenda by a double**.  Any of these items may b removed form the consent agenda by the director notifying the Superintendent at least 24 hours prior to the meeting that the director will request that the item be considered separately and as regularly listed on the agenda.  Items that remain on the consent agenda will be acted upon following the “Preliminary Business.”


The affected individual, organizations or institutions shall be notified that the item has been removed from the consent agenda and informed of the approximate time for consideration.  Persons who request an opportunity to address the board prior to action shall be granted 15 minutes for such presentations.  If a director request the removal of an item at the meeting without prior notifications, that item will be considered at the next regular board meeting.




4.0               Financial


4.1               General Fund Financial Summary

4.2               Check Register Payment of Claims against the district August 2006


Moved by Andy Stahl Wellborn, seconded by Mike Wiederhold and carried 5-0, to accept the reporting of agenda items 4.1 and 4.2, and further approves the payment of claims against the district listed in agenda items 4.2.


5.0               Curriculum


a.       Discussion was held regarding French Classes being put on the schedule as an elective for the students at the high school.

b.       Continued discussion was held regarding the “HOMES” project and the need to get someone to organize the different organizations that would be involved.  Discussion was held regarding putting funding towards the “HOMES” project, or putting it on hold.


6.0               Transportation, Building and Maintenance


a.                   No Report at this time


7.0               Policies


a.                   Second Reading “Sportsmanship Policy”


Moved by Andy Stahl Wellborn, seconded by Dean Livelybrooks and carried 5-0, to accept the second and final reading of the “Sportsmanship Policy” as presented to the board. (see submitted document)


8.0               Personnel


Moved by Dean Livelybrooks, seconded by Andy Stahl Wellborn and carried 5-0, to accept the following extra duty and extended contracts for 2006/2007 as stated below:


·         Journalism, Dorinda Hoag                       $1,410.00

·         Annual Advisor, Tina Dworkowski            $1,410.00

·         Band/Music, Pat Dixon                           $3,000.00

·         MS Volleyball, Jamie Hogate                  $   500.00

·         MS Football, Dana Gillespie                    $   500.00

·         Junior Class Advisor, Dinah Galloway      $   971.50

·         Junior Class Advisor, Tina Dworakoski     $   971.50

·         Extended Contract, Shawna Bowers        $1,500.00


Moved by Mike Wiederhold, seconded by Andy Stahl Wellborn and carried 5-0 to accept the hiring of Alyssa Shepherd as highly qualified  Instructional Aide for AES at .495 fte 190 day contract.



                        Meeting Adjourned 9:25 PM