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School Board Minutes                                          April 14, 2008

Lorane Elementary                                                  7:00 PM


Board Chair:___________________________________Superintendent:_____________________




6:30  PM     Executive Session (Non Public Session)  Session under the authority of ORS 192-660 (1) Negotiations (2) Personnel


7:00 PM      Board Chair Dean Livelybrooks called the meeting to order.  Directors present were Andy Stahl, Jeff Ramp, Denice Goodheart, and Tracy Evans.  Staff Present: Superintendent, Dr. Don Anderson, District Secretary, Donna Willits, Principal, Ron Osibov.  Patrons: Sharon Kester, Candy Middaugh


                   Agenda was reviewed and accepted


                   Superintendent/Board Chair/High School Representative


                   Action Items:


                   1.       Approval of Board Minutes March 10, 2008

                   2.       Approval of Work Session Minutes April 2, 2008


                   Moved by Andy Stahl, seconded by Jeff Ramp and carried 5-0 to accept the Board Minutes and Work Session minutes as submitted.


3.                 Approval of Staffing plan for 2008/2009


Moved by Jeff Ramp, seconded by Denice Goodheart and carried 5-0 to accept the staffing plan as submitted.


4.                 OSBA Legislative Policy Committee Vote


Dean Livelybrook moved to support Andy Stahl in his pursuit to become a member of the OSBA Policy Committee.  All members approved of his nomination.  Andy abstained.


Discussion Items:


A.                Facilities and Grounds Study

B.                 First Reading Alternative Education Options 2008/2009

C.                 First Reading Personal Communication Devices – Policy JFCEB

D.                First Reading Cyber Bullying Policy –JFCFA

E.                 First Reading of School Bus Driver Examination and Training – EEACA

F.                  First Reading Discipline Procedures for District – Approved Student Transportation – EEACC-AR

G.                First Reading Student Transportation Services – EEA

H.                First Reading Criminal Records Check/Fingerprinting- GCDA/GDDA

I.                   First Reading Criminal Records Check/Fingerprinting- GCDA/GDDA-AR


Information Items


A.                Check Register for March 2008

B.                 Auditor & Speech Pathologist Services Updated


Items for Next Agenda


§         Policies



Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 PM