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SCHOOL BOARD MINUTES                                                         March 10, 2008

Lorane Elementary School                                                           7:00 PM


Board Chair:______________________________Superintendent:_______________________



6:30 PM           Executive Session (Non Public Session) Session under the authority of ORS 192-660 (1) Negotiations (2) Personnel


7:00 PM           Board Chair Dean Livelybrooks called the meeting to order.  Directors present were Andy Stahl, Denice Goodheart, Jeff Ramp and Tracy Evans.  Staff Present: Superintendent, Dr. Don Anderson, Administrative Assistant, Lee Ann Hartwig, Ken Hamilton, Krin Hunt, Georgann Squire, and Robin Chinburg. Student Representatives, Bailey Kohorcheck, and Guy Wiederhold.  Patrons and guests, Maryann Anderson, Vickie Simons, Darren Willits, Don Gleason, and Steve Anderson.  West Lane News reporter.



                        Agenda was reviewed and accepted.


                        Superintendent/Board Chair/High School Representatives


                        Board Chair Dean Livelybrooks, recognized this years recipients for awards presented by the district.  Jeff Ramp was recognized for his years of service to the district on the board.  Billy Anderson was recognized for his continued support and volunteered time with the district and the high school.


                        High School Representatives spoke to the board regarding the upcoming Prom in April.


                        OSBA Spring Region 6 meeting to be held March 20, at Lane ESD. 


                        Action Items


1.                   School Calendar 2008/2009

2.                   Make up Snow Day proposed June 12, 2008 from half day to full day

3.                   Approve retirement of Georgann Squire

4.                   Approving hiring of Georgann Squire to .49 fte for 2008/2009

5.                   Approve maternity leave for Jessica Bandstra/Speech Pathologist for 2008/2009

6.                   Approve resignation of Janell Hampshire

7.                   Approval of Minutes February 11, 2008 board meeting


Moved by Andy Stahl, seconded by Jeff Ramp and carried 5-0 to accept the above action items as reported to the board.


Discussion Items


A.                  Staffing plans for 2008/2009

B.                   Special Education –Policies not ready

C.                  Auditors Letter of Resignation


Move by Andy Stahl, seconded by Jeff Ramp to have Dave Standridge negotiate with the ESD auditors to possibly do the CAL future audits.  Motion carried 5-0.


Information Items


A.                  Wednesday April 2, 5:00 Lorane Elementary Work session on Facilities.

B.                   Check Register for February 2008


Items for Next agenda


§         Auditor Approval – ESD

§         Work Session update summary


Meeting adjourned at 8:48 PM