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Board Minutes                                                             October 13, 2008

Applegate Elementary                                                                 7:00 PM


Board Chair:_____________________________Superintendent:______________________



6:30 PM           Executive Session (Non Public Session) Session under the authority of ORS 192-660  (1) Negotiations (2) Personnel


7:00 PM           Meeting was called to order by Board Chair, Dean Livelybrooks at 7:00 PM.  Present were directors, Andy Stahl, Jeff Ramp, Denice Goodheart, and Tracy Evans.  The following staff and patrons signed in as attending, Mike McCall, Sue Lay, Winchell Jonas, and Ken Hamilton.  Kelly Powell, West Lane News reporter was present.


                        I           Flag Salute was held


                        II          Agenda was reviewed


                        III        Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items


·         Mike McCall asked the board to explain why it appeared we were paying more for an Athletic Director than last year. 

·         Sue Lay reported to the board her concern as a parent that having 5 day Kindergarten was hard on 5 year olds and would like the board to be aware that maybe this was to hard for them, if we were planning to stay with a 5-day program.  The board expressed that she has the right to hold her child home and it would not impact the districts budget as the district is only collecting ADM for 3 of the 5 days.


                        IV         Special Report


·         Winchell Jonas, spoke to the board regarding the Technology committee’s report for needed equipment for the district.  Discussion was held regarding finding out how many teachers have laptops in their classrooms.

·         Board Chair Dean Livelybrooks discussed the brochure going out to the voting patron on the Local Option. 


V          Action Items


A.                  Consent Agenda


Moved by Andy Stahl, seconded by Denice Goodheart and carried 5-0 to accept the following consent agenda items:


·         Approval of Board Minutes for September 8, 2008

·         Approval of Maternity Leave-Krissy Smith

·         Approval of Retirement notice-Kristy Cooper


B.                   Board Resolutions


Moved by Andy Stahl, seconded by Tracy Evans and carried 5-0 the following resolutions as amended.


·         Simple Majority

·         Federal Income Tax Deductibility

·         Local Option Levy Plan of Action


Moved by Andy Stahl, seconded by Tracy Evans and carried 3-0-2 Tracy Evans and Jeff Ramp abstained to accept the following resolution.


·         Student Language other than English


C.                  Grounds Facilities Committee      


Moved by Andy Stahl, seconded by Denice Goodheart and carried 5-0 to accepted the assigned following board members, staff members, patrons, and budget members to the Facilities Committee.


·         Mary Houle’, Carol Myers, Brian Kau, Darren Willits, Paul Atkinson, Sharon Kester, Lee Ann Hartwig, Tina Dworakowski, Robin Chinburg, Kathi Holvey,Doug Perry, Billy Anderson, Kyle Rolnick, and Jeff Ramp



D.                  Superintendent Search


Moved by Andy Stahl, seconded by Jeff Ramp and carried 4-1-0 to accept the following parameters for the Superintendent Search:


·         Approval of Brochure (similar to last brochure)

·         Contact Person- Lee Ann Hartwig

·         Salary Parameters 93,000-103,000.00

·         Job Description to read Superintendent/Principal (leaving open what building to be principal of.


VI         Discussion Items


A.         Open Campus- put on hold till next meeting due to no student representation.



                        VII       Information Items


a.       Check register for September 08 was reviewed not items were discussed.


Items for Next Agenda


·         Screening Committee for Superintendent Search

·         Open Campus

·         Grounds Facilities Meeting

·         November May Election



Meeting Adjourned     9:01pm