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Board Meeting Minutes                                                                     May 10, 2010

Applegate Elementary                                                                                    7:00 PM




6:30 PM          Executive Session (Non Public Session)  Session under the authority of ORS 192-660 (1)  Personnel (2) Negotiations


7:00 PM          Meeting was called to order by Board Chair, Jeff Ramp, at 7:04 PM.  Present were directors Dean Livelybrooks, Denice Goodheart,and Darren Willits.  Staff Present: Superintendent, Susan Nakaba, Administrative Assistant, Lee Ann Hartwig.  Patrons present: Troy Wilson, Scott Sowanick, Kyle Rolnick, Randy Esleman, Ryan Sisson, Sara Larsen and Coleen Jentzsch.


                        I           Call to Order/Flag Salute


                        II          Agenda Review


                        III         Public Comment on Non agenda items: None at this time


                        IV         Superintendent/Board Chair/Student Representative


                        V          Action Items:


1)                  Approve Board Minutes April 12, 2010

2)                  Approve April 2010 Check Register

3)                  Approve of reduction of food service staff

4)                  Approve Coaching Contracts of Football Coach, Brian Brands, Rick Scott, Jason Scott, Michele Kau, Steve Grube


                        Moved by Dean Livelybrooks, seconded by Darren Willits to approve the amended Board Minutes and other consent items as submitted to the board.


b.                  Board Chair Seat #2


Moved by Denice Goodheart, seconded by Darren Willits and carried 4-0 to accept the nomination of Troy Wilson as board chair in seat #2. 


VI         Discussion Items:


Moved by Dean Livelybrooks, seconded by Denice Goodheart and carried 4-0 to accept the following second readings of policies as submitted to the board.


§         Instructional Resources/Instructional Materials –IIA

§         Instructional Materials Selection-IIA-AR

§         Challenge of Instructional Materials-IIA-AR

§         Relations with Law Enforcement Agencies-KN-AR

§         Animals in District Facilities-ING-AR

§         Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse-JHFE-AR


VII        Information Items:


v     OSAA Band Championships-Corvallis

v     CMS/CHS Awards



Meeting Adjourned at 7:58 PM