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Applegate Elementary 7:00 PM


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6:30 PM Executive Session (Non Public Session) Session under the authority of ORS 192-660 (1) Personnel (2) Negotiations (3) Legal Council


Meeting was called to order by Board Chair, Jeff Ramp at 7:10 PM. Present were directors, Tracy Evans, Dean Livelybrooks, Denice Goodheart and Darren Willits. Staff and patrons present: Superintendent, Susan Nakaba, Administrative Assistant, Lee Ann Hartwig, Vick Simonsen, Ethan Thoms, Shawna Diess and Loyd Fultz.


I Flag salute was held


II Agenda was reviewed


III Public Comment on Non Agenda items

         None at this time


IV Superintendent/Board Chair/Student Representatives


Board Chair Jeff Ramp explained to the board members the classifications changes at the OSAA that could and probably would be occurring with the sports programs and Crow High School going from 1A to 2A and its impact on the students and the district. Final decision would be made November 26, 2009 by the OSAA. If the district was force to go to 2A again we would be expecting a greater cost to the athletic department and possible injuries if the football team was to go from an 8 man team to an 11 man football team.


Student Body President, Ethan Thoms spoke to the board regarding the recent Homecoming week, and the how things are going at CHS. Ethan expressed his liking of the current math program offered in the evenings being taught through Lane Community College and Brian Kau.


V Action Items


a.                  Consent Agenda


1.      Approval of Board Minutes from September 14, 2009 regular board meeting.

2.      Approval of September 2009 Check Register


Moved by Dean Livelybrooks, seconded by Darren Willits and carried to accept the approval of action items listed below:


         Board Minutes September 2009

         Check Register September 2009


3.      Tabled until later item regarding early retiree Vision coverage.


Moved by Denice Goodheart, seconded by Tracy Evans to formerly accept the retirement notification of Rod Cooper, effective January 10, with continued employment through 2009/2010 school year. Motion carried 5-0.


Moved by Dean Livelybrooks and seconded by Tracy Evans to accept the board goals for 2009/2010 as submitted by Denice Goodheart and reviewed by board. Motion carried 5-0.


VI Discussion Items:


A.     OSBA Conference is November 12-15 Dean Livelybrooks will be attending as representative for CAL school district.


B.      Discussion was held regarding getting bids for the gym roof at CHS. Last reported bid was in 2007 and Superintendent, Susan Nakaba suggested to the board that we get this done with the remaining funds earmarked in the Construction account as it is better to utilize these funds before we damage the new gym floor and the fact that there are not enough funds to build at this time that it would be necessary to go out for a bond if we planned to build any new building at a later date.


C.     Discussion was held regarding the H1N1 Flu virus. The district was continuing to gear up for any outbreaks and that the practice was all students and staff needed to be fever free for at least 24hrs without medication. That students who became ill in school would be requested to be picked up and taken home as to not infect others.


VII Items for Next Agenda


v      November 5, 2009 Open House CHS/CMS 7:00-8:00

v      Board Meeting November 9, 2009

v      Race to the Top-Dean Livelybrooks

v      October 19, Executive Session Closed to public

v      Budget Member seat open


Meeting Adjourned 8:20 PM